CEMS – Continuous Emission Monitoring System

Kontram CEMS

We provide continuous air emission measurements for the industrial and energy production sectors with over 30 years of experience.

We fulfill our customers’ emission measurement needs as comprehensive solutions, including equipment design and documentation, testing (FAT test), installation inspection, as well as commissioning and training.

Our emission measurement system can be applied to various parameters, including:

  • TRS (Reduced Sulfur Compounds)
  • SO2
  • NO, NO2, NOx
  • N2O
  • NH3
  • CO
  • CO2
  • CH4
  • H2O
  • HCl
  • HF
  • Hg
  • CH2O
  • TOC
  • O2
  • Particle concentration and dust measurement

We use gas analyzers and sample handling equipment from a wide range of well-known device manufacturers in our deliveries. Our product range includes measuring devices for other emission measurement parameters such as gas flow and particle concentration.

The brands we represent include Envea, Thermo Scientific, Dr.Födisch, Servomex, Mettler Toledo, and Yokogawa.

In our product offering, multi-component gas analyzers use both traditional and the latest measurement technologies. Our range includes IR, FTIR, UV, chromatographic, mass spectrometric, and laser technologies.

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Product Manager

Gas Analyzers

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