OverSight™ ATEX-CEMS –
Emission Monitoring System

OverSight™ ATEX-CEMS – Emission Monitoring System

OverSight™ ATEX-CEMS is an ATEX Zone 1 certified (EESF 20 ATEX 062X) emission monitoring system developed by Kontram Oy for the needs of the oil and chemical industry. The system is based on the TÜV QAL1 certified MCA10-HWIR CEMS system from Dr.Födisch Umweltmesstechnik AG. All components of the system, from the probe to the CEMS system, are ATEX approved. The equipment can be delivered pre-installed in an analyzer room, in which case the room itself is also ATEX Zone 1 approved.

The world’s first ATEX Zone 1 and QAL1 certified emission measurement system with remote connections

Measuring emissions in explosive environments is extremely challenging. Kontram Oy’s long history of emission measurements and the high-quality measurements we represent have enabled us to develop the first QAL1 certified and ATEX Zone 1 certified emission measurement system for our customers’ demanding measurement targets.

We have also utilized the OverSight edge computing technology we have developed for monitoring and controlling equipment. Kontram OverSight™ brings digital intelligence and remote monitoring services to the equipment in addition to ATEX certifications, a combination that is not available elsewhere.

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Wet-hot measurements and digitalization make maintenance easier

The analyzer’s measurement component selection is wide, with up to 12 different gas components available. The performance of these measurements is continuously monitored by monitoring the internal diagnostics of the equipment. With the help of digitalization, unexpected maintenance needs can be anticipated, and availability maximized.

ATEX-CEMS performs gas measurements wet and hot, enabling reliable and easily maintainable sample handling. Low maintenance requirements and the possibility of remote monitoring are an irreplaceable combination when the equipment is in an explosion-prone area.

Stack measurements in the same view

Gas concentration measurements are often thought of as a separate equipment from other stack measurements, such as dust, flow, and temperature, even though the results are presented on the same report. With the ATEX-CEMS system, you can also bring these other stack measurements and their diagnostic information into the same view. This gives you a comprehensive picture of the entire equipment fleet’s emissions performance and makes it easier to maintain often difficult-to-reach measurements.

Commissioning and maintenance services

ATEX-CEMS equipment is delivered to customers tested and ready as complete units. After installation, commissioning itself is very fast and simple when the necessary starting values have already been set and tested in our FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) tests.

For the maintenance of the equipment, we have packaged three different entities, the general content of which is described below.


With our BASE service level, you can take advantage of the intelligent equipment and cloud service features yourself. Our experts are at your disposal with a common view, making maintenance easy and efficient.


We have included basic equipment maintenance and consumables in the PREMIUM service. In addition, our experts monitor the equipment’s operation and are in contact with observations and recommendations for action.


The TOTAL full service includes the cost of the equipment in addition to the PREMIUM level. Thus, no initial investment in the equipment is required, you pay for the equipment and its maintenance according to the actual cost. Your balance sheet is not burdened, and you can also deduct the equipment costs in full in your income tax.


Intelligent Emission Measurement System Is Backing Up the Goals of Sustainable Development

The environmental permits of production facilities define measurement obligations regarding emissions such as smoke and exhaust gases and regarding monitoring. Borealis’ environmental permit decision defined the obligations to analyze the flue gases of continuous operation for the process furnaces of certain production processes of the company, and the procurement of emission measurement systems began to be prepared in 2020.