OverSight™ CEMS –
Emission Monitoring System

OverSight™ CEMS – Emission Monitoring System

The OverSight™ CEMS (OS-CEMS) designed for the paper and pulp industry represents the latest technology in the history of over 30 years of emission measurement system development. Our special expertise in TRS measurements and comprehensive maintenance services guarantee the best equipment and service package on the market for our paper and pulp industry customers. Our equipment’s modern features ensure that the customer’s needs and the measurement site’s characteristics are taken into account in the overall design.

Examples of these include:

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Guiding warning and fault information
  • Sample validation
  • AutoZero – daily zero calibration
  • Automatic QAL3 quality control
  • Remote monitoring services
  • Several probe options
  • Nafion or condensate dryer
  • SFS-EN 14181, SFS-EN 15267

Emission Reporting Becomes more Reliable with Digital Services

The equipment is built on top of our OverSight™ edge computing technology, enabling intelligent equipment control, self-diagnosis, and continuous real-time remote monitoring services. The system’s modular structure guarantees a long lifecycle for the equipment and comprehensive upgrade opportunities as measurement requirements tighten. Combined with our cloud and maintenance services, you ensure maximum availability of your equipment and minimize invalid days in emission reporting. We offer maintenance services according to the customer’s needs, from assisting maintenance work to full-service contracts.

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Fully Digital Sample Handling Brings Visibility and Certainty

We have developed our equipment’s ability to monitor its own operation compared to the previous SmartCEMS generation. We see the entire equipment’s condition information, including sample handling, through our digitized solutions. We can also perform even more comprehensive real-time quality control (QAL3) fully automatically. You will receive test event reports directly to your email from our OverSight™ service. With comprehensive diagnostics, we can easily identify maintenance needs in advance and shorten and reduce unplanned downtime.

Stack Measurements in the Same View

Gas concentration measurements are often thought of as a separate equipment from other stack measurements, such as dust, flow, and temperature, even though the results are presented on the same report. With the OS-CEMS system, you can also bring these other stack measurements and their diagnostic information into the same view. This way, you get a comprehensive picture of the entire equipment fleet’s operation for emissions and facilitate the maintenance of often difficult-to-reach measurements.

Commissioning and Maintenance Services

OS-CEMS equipment comes to customers as a complete unit that has been tested before delivery. After installation, the commissioning itself is very fast and simple when the necessary initial values have already been set and tested in our FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) tests.

For equipment maintenance, we have packaged three different entities, the general content of which is described below.


With our BASE service level, you can take advantage of the intelligent equipment and cloud service features yourself. Our experts are at your disposal with a common view, making maintenance easy and efficient.


We have included basic equipment maintenance and consumables in the PREMIUM service. In addition, our experts monitor the equipment’s operation and are in contact with observations and recommendations for action.


The TOTAL full service includes the cost of the equipment in addition to the PREMIUM level. Thus, no initial investment in the equipment is required, you pay for the equipment and its maintenance according to the actual cost. Your balance sheet is not burdened, and you can also deduct the equipment costs in full in your income tax.