Steam and Water Analysis System

Kontram SWAS

Based on customer process specific details, Kontram makes a quotation of the steam and water analysis system and the analyzers. If you wish, we will provide the quotation also without the analyzers.

We always provide a project specific technical documentation for the delivered Steam and water analysis system in accordance to our customers needs and requirements. Our final documentation includes: PI- and dimensional drawings, wiring diagrams and signal list, parts list, instruction manuals and certificates.

Basic documentation is prepared in english, but can be translated into the desired language whenever needed. After the delivery we are happy to provide commissioning and service contract for the devices and systems delivered.

Sampling System

Main materials and components are all internationally well-known and high in quality. With our 3D design the construction of the sampling unit can be modified always according to end users technical requirements. Main criteria in our design is a compact system with easy and safe operation. Our SWAS systems are designed and manufactured in Finland.

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Liquid Analyzers

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