KEMEX-Dosing Systems

KEMEX™-Dosing systems are reliable and efficient solutions for industrial chemical dosing. Dosing systems enable chemicals to be dosed accurately and repeatedly according to the process needs.

These systems are widely used in various processes such as:

  • paper and cardboard manufacturing
  • water treatment
  • chemical industry
  • oil refining
  • food industry.

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Harri Pietinen

Product Manager

Kemex Dosing systems

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KEMEX™ dosing systems are modular, which means they can be tailored to customer needs. The range of KEMEX™ dosing systems covers a wide range of dosing systems and solutions for liquid chemicals.

The dosing systems are very easy to use and their operation can be easily monitored with automation. In addition, KEMEX™ dosing systems are safe to use as they are designed to reduce chemical exposure and avoid environmental damage.

KEMEX™ dosing systems are reliable and long-lasting solutions for industrial chemical dosing. KEMEX™ extensive experience in the chemical industry and skilled personnel ensure the best possible solution for the customer’s process. We also offer maintenance and spare parts services for dosing systems.